A Complete Hassle-Free Way to Save Your Fuel

No matter how well you store your fuel, it’s likely that it will become contaminated or degraded after time. That’s where our fuel polishing service comes in. If salvageable, we offer a fully non-disruptive service to restore your fuel back to its original state. That way, you can avoid having to fork out more money for new fuel.

Why Birlem Oil fuel polishing?

  • Fewer costs – we will polish and dose your fuel with a suitable biocide and fuel additive which is less expensive than a full fuel uplift
  • Increased efficiency – we will clean your fuel back to EN590 standards of cleanliness at a pace of 1,000 litres per minute for larger sites
  • Less disruption – we will connect your fuel supply system in an analogous fashion, meaning it can still function while being polished

If you suspect your fuel is contaminated, please call 020 8801 5497 to discuss your options.

Contamination symptoms

Due to changes in the weather, contaminants such as water, bacteria and sediment get into fuel tanks and degrade the quality of the fuel, which can be noted by a change in appearance. Once your fuel is contaminated, it has a significant effect on your fuel system and causes serious damage. Dirty fuel can result in backup generators or equipment failing to power. It will burn less efficiently and as a consequence your costs will increase. So all in all, it can be expensive, time-consuming and wasteful.

If you suspect your fuel is contaminated, call 020 8801 5497 and we can help.

How does fuel polishing work?

  1. We attach a fuel polishing unit to your tank in a parallel circuit, so you can continue using your fuel while it’s polished
  2. We extract the fuel from your system, which is the filtered through numerous fine filters that gradually remove water, sediment and microbial contamination
  3. We will then clean your tank, removing any debris from the tank
  4. Your fuel will then be tested to ensure it meets the industry standards
  5. Any contaminated fuel will be disposed in an environmentally friendly manner

To find out more about our fuel polishing service, please call 020 8801 5497 to discuss your options.

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