Protect Your Engine & Machinery Parts Against Wear & Tear

Whatever your industry and however particular your equipment, our products and services are designed to add value to your business. Our oils are explicitly formulated to exceed the rigorous requirements of the UK market, with advanced formulas to improve fuel performance and extend equipment lifespan.

Birlem Oil is a well-established supplier of lubricants across the UK. Our products include:

  • Hydraulic oils
  • Gas oils
  • Metalworking oils
  • Heavy-duty diesel engine oils
  • Biodegradable oils
  • Passenger car engine oils
  • Agricultural oils

If your specification isn’t in the list above, give us a call on 020 8801 5497 and we can custom-make your required lubricants in-house.

Why choose Birlem Oil for your lubricants?

  • Purchase in 25 litre tubs and smaller or in bulk 205 litre barrels
  • We blend our own range in-house, including mineral oil-based and synthetic oils
  • Quality assured lubricants to give you peace of mind
  • Expert advice to assist you in choosing a product that suits your exact requirements
  • Free health check on your greases
  • Bag-in-box packaging to ensure a cleaner, more convenient product
  • Nationwide deliveries to wherever you are
  • Emergency same day and next day deliveries

The UK’s premium lubricants

To ensure the highest quality of oils, we blend our own lubricants in-house and provide quality assurance on all products. That means that we can control the quality of the formulation to ensure you get the best possible results. What’s more, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing directly with a manufacturer, not just a supplier.

We are also a distributor of all branded lubricants so if you’re after a specific brand, it’s likely we can supply it. Our own brands are equivalent in quality to well-known brands, meaning you can have the same great quality oils but at lower prices.

After a particular specification? Give us a call on 020 8801 5497 and we will make it for you in our own blending facility onsite.

Expert knowledge

Our team of experts offer specialist advice to suit your needs. We will assess your existing supply and suggest grade consolidation or cost-saving measures. Call our friendly team or fill in our free form to speak to a specialist for technical support and free product information.

Save money with Birlem Oil lubricants

Choosing the right lubricant can significantly cut costs by helping maximise equipment and machine performance as well as prolonging vehicle life and reducing operation downtime. We mix a variety of oil-based and synthetic lubricants using state-of-the-art technology, the best on the market.

Importance of using commercial lubricants

If you’re operating your machinery on poor quality fuel and oils, then overall performance can be detrimental to your company’s operations. A lubricant within the oil will prevent this, allowing your machinery to perform and last longer.

Nationwide lubricants

Having initially started out as distributors in the London area, Birlem Oil has fast become a number one lubricant supplier throughout the country. With depots located all over the UK, our delivery times are some of the quickest in the industry. Whatever day it is, you can rely on us to deliver your lubricants. We provide a round-the-clock service to avoid your machinery and engine parts corroding.

Without lubricants, your machinery will break as a result of metal parts welding together. Protect your business and keep your business running smoothly with our wide range of high-quality lubricants. Call us on 020 8801 5497 to find out more.

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The benefits of using Birlem Oil

24/7 Emergency Delivery

You'll never experience business downtime with our 24/7 service, 365 days a year.

Nationwide Delivery

With depots located all over the UK, our delivery times are some of the best in the industry.

205 - 36,000+ Litres

Our aim is to buy fuel at the lowest price possible and pass the savings on to you.

Dedicated Account Manager

With your very own account manager, you needn't ever have to worry about running out again.