Reduce your Environmental impact by Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Like many of our customers, at Birlem oil we want to make positive steps to shape a brighter future by reducing our environmental impact. That’s why we now offer carbon offset fuels to give our customers the opportunity to offset the emissions released from their fuels.

We can now offer carbon offsetting with your orders of DERV (white diesel), red diesel, kerosene and industrial heating oil!

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting allows individuals and companies to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions produced from their operations (their carbon footprint).

Offsetting carbon emissions is done through purchasing carbon credits and investing in projects that reduce emissions by an equal amount elsewhere in the world, ensuring there is no net increase in global greenhouse gas emissions.

When you purchase carbon offset fuel, there is no change to the fuel itself or how you conduct your business operations. Instead, the little extra you pay goes towards carbon-reducing initiatives across the world, essentially counteracting the greenhouse gases released from using the fuel.

The benefits of carbon offsetting

  • Reduce your environmental impact by counteracting your CO2
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the environment
  • Support global communities and contribute to sustainable projects
  • Generate more revenue by attracting new customers that are environmentally conscious
  • Receive a certificate to verify your claims to your customers
  • Contribute to positive change and improve your CSR

Ready to start offsetting your fuel emissions? Get in touch today by calling 020 8801 5497.

How does carbon offsetting work?

  1. When you place your next fuel order, ask your account manager about offsetting your fuel.
  2. The amount you pay will vary depending on the size of your order, we will calculate your carbon offset contribution and add it to your invoice.
  3. Your contributions will be used to purchase carbon credits which are sourced from CHOOOSE and will fund global climate projects such as wind farms and tree planting.
  4. You’ll receive a certificate to prove that you’re doing your bit to reduce your environmental impact.

How are carbon credits verified?

All credits and independently certified to Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), CDM (United Nations Climate Change Carbon Mechanism) or CCBS (The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance) standards. These are globally recognized benchmarks for carbon offsets.

1 carbon credit = 1 tonne of emission reductions delivered by a project

Verified carbon offsets must adhere to four principles to ensure they have a positive impact

Additionality – Buying this offset leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that would not have happened otherwise. This requires thorough transparency

Permanence – Offset projects should almost permanently keep CO2 emissions out of the air. For example, a tree planted should not be cut down in the future.

Double counting – Ensure that a purchased offset has exclusive claim to the emissions reduction, this can be difficult when projects involve multiple organisations or individuals.

Leakage – Projects should not have a negative impact in others areas for such as social or environmental impacts.

Carbon offsetting projects that you will be supporting

By offsetting your fuel, you will support environmental initiatives in the UK and around the globe, including restoration, building wind farms, reducing landfill and providing clean water. All projects CHOOOSE are independently verified to internationally recognized standards.

Restoration projects

Plants and trees are the planets greatest asset for taking CO2 out of our atmosphere. Nature-based projects include reforestation and afforestation.

Project example: Southern Cardaman REDD+

Tropical deforestation plays a large role in adding carbon emissions to the atmosphere and in causing climate change. Preventing this can contribute to over one third of the total emission reductions needed by 2030. The Southeast Asian rainforest and its wildlife are among the fastest disappearing in the world, so the protection of this region is crucial.

Renewable energy

As the world transitions away from fossil-based energy production, renewable energy will play a key role in helping the world reach its climate targets. CHOOOSE supports projects that reduce emissions by funding clean energy alternatives.

Project example: Three Gorges New Energy

This project produces electricity by using renewable solar photovoltaic (PV) power and sending it to the North West Power Grid (NWPG) of China. This replaces the equivalent amount of electricity produced by fossil-fuel-fired power plants that are connected to the NWPG and therefore cuts greenhouse gas emissions.

Your contributions will support sustainable goals such as

  • Protect and promote sustainable land use
  • Ensure access to renewable energy for all
  • Promote peaceful societies
  • Reduce environmental footprint through sustainable consumption of goods and resources
  • Promote inclusive and safe human environments
  • Build sustainable infrastructure for developing nations
  • Safe and affordable drinking water
  • End all forms of hunger and malnutrition

Take your environmental targets a step further with HVO

Switch to HVO, our drop-in renewable alternative to diesel that reduces up to 90% of net CO2 emissions. HVO Fuel combines the sustainable raw materials found in first-generation biofuels with new and innovative technologies, producing a fuel that’s not only 100% renewable but has qualities that make it far more environmentally friendly. We don’t just recommend HVO fuel, we use it ourselves.

Discover more benefits of switching to HVO fuel by speaking to a member of our team today by calling 020 8801 5497

Carbon Offsetting FAQs

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is defined as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community.

Do I need to change fuel to offset my emissions?

Carbon offsetting requires no change to your fuel or operations, instead you pay a little bit extra to contribute to the purchase of carbon credits which fund global initiatives to tackle climate change.

Is offsetting a solution to climate change?

While carbon offsetting helps to cut greenhouse gas emissions in a cost-effective manner, it is not the sole solution. At Birlem Oil, we are committed to going a step further by setting targets for the business to achieve net zero carbon emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 2030.

Are your carbon credits in line with PAS 2060?

Yes, our credits are Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and meet the offsetting part of the PAS 2060 guidance.

Have more questions that have not been answered here? You can speak to our team today by calling us on 020 8801 5497.

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