Safeguard Your Fuel Against Corrosion and Contamination

As a leading fuel supplier, we know the importance of safe storage and it is our responsibility to help prevent oil related hazards. If not stored correctly, fuel can become contaminated which can result in significant disruptive, costly and environmental problems. Aside from wasted fuel, the cleanup costs of even a small amount of fuel in the ground, buildings or watercourses can be vast.

Here at Birlem Oil, we understand what is needed for an effective storage tank, which is why we have a wide range of tanks and equipment on offer to suit your needs.

It’s vital that you maintain dry, clean and secure conditions. If your fuel becomes contaminated it’s a difficult task to rectify or even worse, it can be unsalvageable. We have a wide range of storage solutions on offer for both industrial and domestic customers. Call 020 8801 5497 to find out what storage tank is perfect for you.

Why choose Birlem Oil for your storage tanks?

10-year guarantee
Fully compliant with The Control of Pollution Regulations 2001
Protect your fuel from sunrays
Available for hire or purchase
Corrosion-free to reduce the likelihood of contamination
User-friendly and easy-to-maintain
All tanks are manufacturer according to OFTEC guidelines

Our wide range of fuel tanks are suitable for fuels, oils, lubricants and AdBlue.

Tailor-made or off the shelf tanks

Constructed from plastic or steel, our tanks are available for hire or purchase. Depending on your requirements, we can also custom-design your tank to suit your needs.

Prompt deliveries you can rely on

We have a wide range of fuel containers in-house to ensure you receive a fast and professional delivery. Call us now on 020 8801 5497 to discuss your storage requirements.

Variety of sizes available

Whatever your requirements, we’ve got a wide array of tanks on hand that range in size and shapes. From mobile bowers, fuel stations and single skin containers to domestic heating oil tanks and fuel stations, call us today for expert advice.

Refill and removal of tanks

If you have an old container no longer in use, we offer a full tank replacement service. We will collect those no longer required and then assemble, connect and refill with your new tank with the required product. We can also carry out site surveys, waste oil removal, interceptor and gully cleaning.

Steel fuel tanks

Our tanks range from 500 to 100,000 litres capacities and can even be tailor-made to be in line with your requirements. Tanks include:

 Mobile bowers
 Fuel stations
 Biodiesel tanks
 Single skin containers
 Site static tanks
 Domestic heating oil tanks

Bunded fuel tanks

We also offer bunded fuel tank and dispensing units which compose of:

 Bulkhead light
 Reliable overfill prevention
 Lockable, bunded area for safe storage
 Choice of a bunded storage tank (fuel capacity)
 Dispensing pump
 Fuel delivery hose
 Fuel dispensing nozzle
 Electronic gauge
 Micron fuel filter

Plastic fuel tanks

These tanks are perfect for severe weather environments as they are fully bunded to protect against hazards as a result of leaks and spillage. They are less likely to be corroded.

Call us today on 020 8801 5497 to order your tanks from a company you can rely on for safe and secure storage of your fuels.


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